Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This blog has gone on Holiday in Bermuda

I've not really had time to update this blog in a while, or, in point of fact, much to say were I to sit down and try. No new sculptures, no exciting jewelry adventures save one that took place at mostly 3am-5am (not by the by, the best time to use power tools) and in a panicked rush before dashing of to the airport in a cab. So much of a panicked rush that not photos mark the process or the product.

And really, when you get right down to it, I'm not a writer, or much or a talker in general. There are things I keep meaning to do, like document a whole linoleum block carving and printing process. But when I end up doing the actual work, it always seems to be in a marathon type rush on the way to something else. Always some other deadline, some other project, a show to go to, a job to finish, a shop that needs more stock. I would love to say I'm sure I'll be back at this blogging thing someday, but I'm not terribly convinced. I seem to have created a life for myself in which it just wouldn't be normal if I wasn't always trying madly to figure out when everything will get done and what side projects to schedule in when. I did it on purpose. I rather like it that way most of the time. Really I seem to work best with long periods of marathon creation and then a week of rest where I don't do anything but menial tasks.

But I also don't wish for this to turn into a place where I just post show announcements over and over. Its not the kind of thing a blog is for, in my opinion, and its certainly not interesting reading. Its practically like the difference between an interesting magazine and a credit card solicitation! So things may just be quiet around here for long pauses, with sudden unpredictable moments of chatter.

While this blog lays dormant, those show announcements and photos and other things that require less then 150 characters to describe, can all be found on Facebook.

And if you like the pictures and not so much the words, my Sketchblog is all art and no talk (well okay, a little bit of talk).

See you when I see you!