Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The return to the blog.

Where has this blog (or me) been for the last two months? The story is boring, a bit whiny, and not very much fun to write out so instead lets say that the blog has been on the beach. Now that the Holiday (or haitus) is over, lets just start again with something cheerful and work back up to actually talking about new and interesting things.

Some time ago, I left the 9 to 5 working world in order to try my hand at being entirely freelance. Somehow I haven't starved yet, and I keep paying the rent, and so long as these things happen I can't really complain because it means I can go to the beach on a Tuesday and take photos of jewelry on top of 12 foot rocks by the surf.

And I discovered that ACE hardware carries 3/4" thick rope, which makes a lovely sailing ship style ocean side prop. I got to toy with different sorts of light as the sun set, and I had been wanting to do some fish and octopus photos with a more ocean-appropriate set then my usual 'old things on tiles'.

Granted I ended up taking mostly photos I could probably have figured out how to take at home (if I could find a nice big flattish rock...) but I was at the BEACH which made it more fun.

And left me today at home to take photos of myself in the alley by my house, wearing jewelry, and pretending I have some sort of modeling skill.

I promise, the very next blog post will have something about process and making things and information you might actually be interested in reading. Really.