Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sundry bits of news

I made new post cards. Yes I did. And there are a few neat things I'm sort of in the middle of planning or organizing that I am afraid to really talk about yet for fear of counting my chickens before I have a basket of eggs!

But, two bits of news for sure.

First, if you're up in Twisp, Washington (or you know, in the mountains in Washington and thinking you might stop there), I'll be joining that fabulous work of Laurie Kain in a gallery show opening next Saturday April 17th at Confluence Gallery and Art Center. I'll have 7 new necklaces in the show, with a spring time nature merging with abandoned machine theme.

I will also be selling at Maker Fair, in San Mateo. I'll be outside somewhere with some steampunk contraption builders - but I am not yet sure where that will be located. More info will go up closer to the event.

Maker Fair will be my last in person event for the summer, but I have solved a lot of supply vs demand issues by then, and jewelry should actually be filling out my Etsy shop for once! I will also be closing for about a month, at the end of June/beginning of July for some moving and travel, but otherwise, I'll be open and working on my own projects quietly here.

That's all for now. More process and more photos after the end of April, when I have time to make them again!

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