Wednesday, March 24, 2010

That's right, apeture is important

I managed to sneak something wonderful into my schedule, as a reward for surviving the first few months of the new year with my sanity more or less intact. And thus I spent last Friday down in San Diego learning to take proper photos of jewelry. It was a lot of fun, and other folks have blogged about it more properly so I think I'll just link to them. Specifically to Patty Lakinsmith, who creates fantastic lampwork glass beads and who took the time to write out a much better post about the whole day then I could.

Once a long time ago I learned a lot about light and film - then shortly there after forgot it again. Learning about apeture, shutter speeds, film speeds, how the digital magic of not using film actually works, and how to actually use lights properly was really awesome and now I suspect I will probably not spend so much time taking piles of hit or miss photos of things.

All that being said, I know I have been neglecting this blog in favor of posting pictures with a few teasing sentences. Its no substitute for proper content, I know, but at least pictures are!


Patty said...

Sarah, it was a blast meeting you and learning about your incredible, creative life. Your jewelry is cool, and I *love* all of the shots you took. Perhaps you can school me on the prop thing. Yours fit your jewelry just perfectly.

You are gonna ROCK Etsy with these pix, girl! Front page, here you come!

Sarah Dungan said...

Hi Patty! As far as props go, I have always tended to buy curious bits of things at antique fairs and places like that. I think that usually the things a person likes and buys often just naturally fit with the things they make.

You're fabulous glass is harder though, because you don't want to hide it in a very busy background. More challenging for props I think.