Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More photos filling space

I actually really like the set up of this photo, only its unreplicable unless I go out and buy a very large house plant with very broad leaves or take jewelry to a botanical garden. Blast.

And more necklace photos. Unfortunately although I intended to list a good group on Etsy after this class, it occurred to me when I got home that I had both a show in April and in May, and no more casts waiting to use so I have a suspicion that these will instead go to supply in person events. Luckily I have an exciting solution to my lack of creation speed all worked out and so very shortly supply might once again actually meet demand!
Not that having more demand then supply isn't really very flattering. Its gone straight to my head let me tell you. This new plan will also let me have more time to experiment with new materials and processes - I've had some other metal powders to cast with for awhile that I haven't tried yet. In theory, I have the power to make cast resin RUST. I've been hoping to have time to try that for a while now...
Show info coming soon when everything is all properly confirmed!

That's right, apeture is important

I managed to sneak something wonderful into my schedule, as a reward for surviving the first few months of the new year with my sanity more or less intact. And thus I spent last Friday down in San Diego learning to take proper photos of jewelry. It was a lot of fun, and other folks have blogged about it more properly so I think I'll just link to them. Specifically to Patty Lakinsmith, who creates fantastic lampwork glass beads and who took the time to write out a much better post about the whole day then I could.

Once a long time ago I learned a lot about light and film - then shortly there after forgot it again. Learning about apeture, shutter speeds, film speeds, how the digital magic of not using film actually works, and how to actually use lights properly was really awesome and now I suspect I will probably not spend so much time taking piles of hit or miss photos of things.

All that being said, I know I have been neglecting this blog in favor of posting pictures with a few teasing sentences. Its no substitute for proper content, I know, but at least pictures are!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition

I just wanted to prove to everyone that I'm a real person. By posting a photo of myself doing something that all young ladies should know how to do...tying a cravat. A cravat which at some point I made from spare satin lining fabric, in a hotel room, with a travel sewing kit.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by my table at the Steampunk Exhibition this past weekend, it was a fun time (and although I didn't leave my table, I'm told the panels were quite nice as well). I may or may not be at Maker Fair, more as that developes. In the mean time, look for some new pieces on Etsy in the next few weeks!

Photos © Gar Travis, used with permission