Friday, October 15, 2010

APE this Saturday and Sunday!

Come see me at the Alternative Press Expo, at the Concourse Convention Center in San Francisco this weekend! Some new jewelry, cards, and prints, plus the usual robots and such. Right by the entrance and the restrooms ;-)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The return to the blog.

Where has this blog (or me) been for the last two months? The story is boring, a bit whiny, and not very much fun to write out so instead lets say that the blog has been on the beach. Now that the Holiday (or haitus) is over, lets just start again with something cheerful and work back up to actually talking about new and interesting things.

Some time ago, I left the 9 to 5 working world in order to try my hand at being entirely freelance. Somehow I haven't starved yet, and I keep paying the rent, and so long as these things happen I can't really complain because it means I can go to the beach on a Tuesday and take photos of jewelry on top of 12 foot rocks by the surf.

And I discovered that ACE hardware carries 3/4" thick rope, which makes a lovely sailing ship style ocean side prop. I got to toy with different sorts of light as the sun set, and I had been wanting to do some fish and octopus photos with a more ocean-appropriate set then my usual 'old things on tiles'.

Granted I ended up taking mostly photos I could probably have figured out how to take at home (if I could find a nice big flattish rock...) but I was at the BEACH which made it more fun.

And left me today at home to take photos of myself in the alley by my house, wearing jewelry, and pretending I have some sort of modeling skill.

I promise, the very next blog post will have something about process and making things and information you might actually be interested in reading. Really.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another post that's really just a picture

It feels like its been a very long time since I used this blog for what I meant to use it for - which is actually sharing thoughts and information. I didn't intend for it to become a glorified announcement site or a place to post images, but it seems as if it's been that for a bit.

Generally speaking I've been busy and overbooked and burned out. Because of that feeling of burn out I've promised myself the next few months to really work on projects. New sculptures, new illustrations, and a few just crazy things I've been wanting to try. And so, hopefully, the next post that arrives here will be ABOUT something. With processes and pictures and ideas and inspiration, instead of short notes and pretty pictures.

In the mean time, I just really like this necklace. I have a few more Ford tags and I think I might make one for myself. Or, at least, one to wear a few times for marketing photos!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Down the Rabbit Hole

I'm in a little 6 person gallery show at Blow Salon in Berkeley this month. The jewelry in this show is a bit more overtly mixed media and steampunk then my usual selection, some cool bits and pieces like pulleys and watch makers vials and the like.
If you're in the area, the show opens this Saturday, June 5th at 8pm. The food and drinks are free, the jewelry is shiny and for sale!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Should really have been producing things for Maker Faire instead of doing this but, I couldn't really help it. It felt like a long time since I'd made something totally new.

There has been a lot of sketching and planning in the last few months, but really nothing but reproducing designs for shows. It was really nice to sit and spend a day making something completely new.

These will not, however, be at Maker Faire. They might make it into a gallery show that opens the following week though, which I shall talk about at some point next week.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Necklaces at Sala, Berkeley!

A little preview of the new necklaces I just dropped of at Sala in Berkeley. If you're in the area, stop by and check them out, along with Sala's other lovely clothing, jewelry, and accessories!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

New faux ivory

The very first ivory finished casts of 3 pieces only ever offered before in bronze. I am fairly sure that I've promised these at two events previously and not managed to get them to work out. Finally here they are. I can't wait to make things with them!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Confluence Gallery Pieces

Here's a peak at some of the new pieces that are at the Confluence Gallery up in Twisp, WA right now. Still working on the cool things I can't talk about yet. And working on a full start to finish process post for a new sculpt, but its waiting for time to...actually do the sculpt!

And special thanks to the fabulous Kate McKinnon for showing me the power of tiles as photo backgrounds!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sundry bits of news

I made new post cards. Yes I did. And there are a few neat things I'm sort of in the middle of planning or organizing that I am afraid to really talk about yet for fear of counting my chickens before I have a basket of eggs!

But, two bits of news for sure.

First, if you're up in Twisp, Washington (or you know, in the mountains in Washington and thinking you might stop there), I'll be joining that fabulous work of Laurie Kain in a gallery show opening next Saturday April 17th at Confluence Gallery and Art Center. I'll have 7 new necklaces in the show, with a spring time nature merging with abandoned machine theme.

I will also be selling at Maker Fair, in San Mateo. I'll be outside somewhere with some steampunk contraption builders - but I am not yet sure where that will be located. More info will go up closer to the event.

Maker Fair will be my last in person event for the summer, but I have solved a lot of supply vs demand issues by then, and jewelry should actually be filling out my Etsy shop for once! I will also be closing for about a month, at the end of June/beginning of July for some moving and travel, but otherwise, I'll be open and working on my own projects quietly here.

That's all for now. More process and more photos after the end of April, when I have time to make them again!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More photos filling space

I actually really like the set up of this photo, only its unreplicable unless I go out and buy a very large house plant with very broad leaves or take jewelry to a botanical garden. Blast.

And more necklace photos. Unfortunately although I intended to list a good group on Etsy after this class, it occurred to me when I got home that I had both a show in April and in May, and no more casts waiting to use so I have a suspicion that these will instead go to supply in person events. Luckily I have an exciting solution to my lack of creation speed all worked out and so very shortly supply might once again actually meet demand!
Not that having more demand then supply isn't really very flattering. Its gone straight to my head let me tell you. This new plan will also let me have more time to experiment with new materials and processes - I've had some other metal powders to cast with for awhile that I haven't tried yet. In theory, I have the power to make cast resin RUST. I've been hoping to have time to try that for a while now...
Show info coming soon when everything is all properly confirmed!

That's right, apeture is important

I managed to sneak something wonderful into my schedule, as a reward for surviving the first few months of the new year with my sanity more or less intact. And thus I spent last Friday down in San Diego learning to take proper photos of jewelry. It was a lot of fun, and other folks have blogged about it more properly so I think I'll just link to them. Specifically to Patty Lakinsmith, who creates fantastic lampwork glass beads and who took the time to write out a much better post about the whole day then I could.

Once a long time ago I learned a lot about light and film - then shortly there after forgot it again. Learning about apeture, shutter speeds, film speeds, how the digital magic of not using film actually works, and how to actually use lights properly was really awesome and now I suspect I will probably not spend so much time taking piles of hit or miss photos of things.

All that being said, I know I have been neglecting this blog in favor of posting pictures with a few teasing sentences. Its no substitute for proper content, I know, but at least pictures are!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition

I just wanted to prove to everyone that I'm a real person. By posting a photo of myself doing something that all young ladies should know how to do...tying a cravat. A cravat which at some point I made from spare satin lining fabric, in a hotel room, with a travel sewing kit.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by my table at the Steampunk Exhibition this past weekend, it was a fun time (and although I didn't leave my table, I'm told the panels were quite nice as well). I may or may not be at Maker Fair, more as that developes. In the mean time, look for some new pieces on Etsy in the next few weeks!

Photos © Gar Travis, used with permission

Friday, February 12, 2010

Secret Garden Preview

Snuck this onto the facebook fan page and thought I'd post it here as well. I'm working on a littler series of necklaces with the combination of flowers, little birds and key holes and calling it (to myself anyway) Secret Garden. I've always loved that story.
And yes, in case anyone at all cared, its always me in these photos. Me, holding the camera out and using a mirror to reflect the view screen back so I can line up the shot. Very hi tech and professional, yessir.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Just a little Preview

Its been quiet in here, hasn't it? What happened, you may be asking yourself, to the process posts and the rambling artist inspiration posts that at least had pretty reference images? Well here we are again, back to sketches and beginnings! I don't often do an actual color mock up sketch, but in this case I was unsure of the design and materials and wanted a better idea of how it would look as a finished piece.
These are designs I'm working on for the Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition coming in March. I've wanted for a while now to add something a little more genre specific to my jewelry designs, and these designs reflect that. I also wanted something suitable for both ladies and gentleman's accessories, so watch out for some watch chain-fob sets and some tie pins at the Exhibition!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Edwardian Ball

Come see me and Adornments for Tarts at the Edwardian Ball this weekend! The market will be open all afternoon Saturday and admittance will be FREE! If I'm very lucky I will even have something to sell ;-) Otherwise you might just have to buy cards and robot posters!