Saturday, October 10, 2009

Learning is Exciting

I've been learning to mold and cast over the past few months. Rather then go slowly through the learning curve like most folk, I decided to jump straight to overhanging bits, tiny detail, and cold casting with atomized metal. This koi is...really horribly hard to get to cast without air bubbles on all the scales. I suddenly feel my casting partners pain!
Along with koi, I filled space with some random sculpts I did mostly just for the occasion. Although this boat is really mostly for my friend Angie, for sentimentality's sake.
And tentacle...things...designed mostly as buttons/cufflinks/and so forth for myself but which will probably end up drifting out for sale at some point or another.
And a full set of ginkgo leaves which I mostly sculpted because I felt like I didn't have enough cast to make it easy to mix and pour the right amount of resin. Blasted things are the thing that always comes out the best of all the pieces. And they were such a random afterthought.
But look how cute and tiny the little ones are?
A variety of these pieces should be available in limited numbers at the Alternative Press Expo, in San Fancisco next weekend. After that they shall appear on the Etsy site slowly, since I will be casting only now and then.


TotusMel said... the koi!

. c h o k l i t . said...

squeeeeeee! tiny ginkgo!