Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Previews, filling space when you've got nothing else to say!

I've started a bit of a series of necklaces involving keys and flowers. This one may show up in exciting places over the next few weeks! Oh the mystery of it all.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I'm sorry its been such a long while, I've been busy with various things and neglecting my blogging. Between building my robot army, starting a comic book project, and paying my rent, time has just slipped right away from me!

I have, however, uploaded a few pieces using the new shiny floral and gear casts. They're new for the summer along with the nautilus (some more of which shall be listed soon) and the cuttlefish who has yet to hit the virtual shelves. The floral gear set are designs I'm enormously pleased with, and I am glad to have them in the shop finally.

Coming up in October I shall be bouncing around to events a bit again. I will have a table at the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco Oct 17-18, and I'll post more about that when they've given me actual info about where this table might be and how you might find it.
I will also be participating in the art show at Seattle's Steamcon, which I will likely (though not yet certainly) be attending. Since I don't often bother selling original artwork, it shall be a rare event!