Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Various and Sundry Bits

I thought I'd toss together a few little things that aren't totally worth a whole blog entry all for their lonesome (or at least not unless I don't have anything else to say and desperately wish to fill space).

First of all I thought the chest from the previous display image deserved some attention, mostly because I put rather more work into it then most display things I've used in the past, and I'm a little proud of it.
Its a wooden chest, covered in metal sheet. After giving it a good washing, I taped over with decal with masking tape to protect it from all the sanding and painting work (after sticking it to my jeans a few times to make it less likely to damage the decal - that's an old 'to cheap to by drafting tape' artist trick).
Two things I wanted to do were to keep the original decal and the dinged up texture of the metal covering and hardware. Luckily the front of the chest had paint that was in better condition then the rest of the piece so it was possible to avoid sanding and painting on the decal. I also managed to find a good paint match with a black semi-gloss rustoleum paint. For the hardware, I tried, skeptically, 'kurd kutter A Must For Rust' spray. Shockingly it actually worked more or less although it took about 3 applications, and works best at a temperature above 80 degrees.
The handle is pretty well falling apart, but I oiled the leather left on there in the hope that it would hold itself together.
I added the chain for the purposes of the display, and I do intend eventually to properly wash the interior (which is raw wood right now) and paper it with some victorian-pattern-looking paper. Probably with a water based glue that should be removed without a horrible hassel if I want to later. All in all, with some velvet covered foam core and a brass chain it made a really great display, and I could pack everything into it to travel back and forth!

And now to round out the post, a few preivews of things to come. I'm testing finishes on the new sculpted pieces now that I have casts of them. I'm not entirely satisfied with the nautilus' shell or the colors in the gear-floral pieces, still some things to play with there. I am entirely in love with the cuttlefish however. Of course, being a two part mold and a full 3d piece (rather then a flat backed relief sculpt like the others) he's the hardest to reproduce...but so worth it!

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. c h o k l i t . said...

Oh how I love the little wall-eyed cuttlefish!

And your trunk is looking amazing! Good work...