Saturday, May 2, 2009

Netsuke and a Project just for me

As western fashions gained popularity in the east, Japanese carvers created a set that could be used both with tradition dress or with a vest and pocket.
This particular piece was purchased by Captain Rance Barret, a merchant captain who, although an excellent captain, was otherwise remarkably irresponsible, and purchased the piece after losing his 3rd compass.
Upon his death, having no heirs, the piece was auctioned off with most of his possessions, to benefit the Foundation for the Support of Widows and Orphans of Seamen - which he founded upon his retirement.

Its been quite a while since I made something just for myself (disregarding drawings, that is). The Etsy Steam Team had a little contest this past month with the theme 'Steampunk as a Global Phenomenon'. I'd been toying with the idea some variety of watch fob since I started working with the faux-ivory-resin casts. I didn't really want the extra step of casting a piece that was just for myself so I used a colored polymer clay - premo sculpey. Premo Sculpey is now my least favorite medium of all time (it has trumped gouache) - its far to soft and oily in texture to be easy to work with, and it took a few false starts and many pauses to refrigerate the sculpts in between detail work.
I also took the opportunity to try and put together a decent set and take photos that aren't incredibly boring. I more or less dislike the photos I've been taking of my jewelry overall, and I keep trying to figure out this product photography thing with little success. Though, these feel like a step in the right direction anyway.

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Tom Banwell said...

I think your photos of this piece work fine. The lighting is good, and the setting lends a nice atmosphere. Good luck in the contest!