Monday, May 18, 2009


I discovered this watch, in an advertisement within one of those airline magazines in the seat pocket in front of you that you always flip through to avoid having awkward conversation with the person next to you who keeps starting sentences with the phrase 'the problem with women' and you can't begin the use of your approved electronic devices until you've reached cruising altitude (true story).
It reminded me that much as I enjoy gears and steam power and the 19th century, I'm really just very interested in the whole of history. And an era I have a particular love for is the 20's and 30's.
I've never been one to be restricted by reality or to take a particularly single minded view of any genre, and there is an aesthetic that each bit of history has that's all its own, from its graphic art, to its machinery.

Pulp adventure and detective novels, a public interested in organized crime dramatized (especially since its surge in visibility during prohibition), the Great Depression, the early whispers of Germany's actions that would lead to the second World War...lots of insteresting stuff in the 30's.

So besides wanting to own that watch ($99 from, this is a call to artisans for a broadening of influence. You guide the genre, it should not constrain YOU.

More pulp covers can be found at the University at Buffalo online database HERE an extremely wonderful and free archive.

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Tom Banwell said...

I like your thinking! Three cheers for the past!