Monday, April 13, 2009

Process Part 2

Once I have sketches all worked out, and some reference images printed up, I slap them down on my desk and start actually making the thing. Actually sculpting is a totally different mindset from designing for me, and from drawing as well. For the most part its more relaxing, there are fewer mistakes, more fooling around, and much less critical thinking involved.

First I just rough out the general shape of the whole piece. This is important because some things that work in a sketch don't work in 3 dimensions. If I started details without getting the whole form, I might find myself wasting effort when I realize something large needs to change.
I also find that I tend to sculpt just slightly larger then the sketch unconsciously, and I often have to correct that before I start working on details.

Case in point, although this images looks like an earlier version, its actually what I ended up with when I took the last version and corrected the proportions. The lines for the tentacles got lost when I shortened and reshaped the head portion - a good reason to avoid details before the shape is right!
I shortened him one more time after this photo was taken, I really wanted to stay close to the scale of the sketch because this piece is meant for smaller jewelry such as earrings.

Once I was satisfied I had the shape right, I started on the details, tentacles first (mostly because to do them I needed to hold the little bugger by the eyes/body and would have potentially squeeshed the details).

And here is the finished sculpt, details and all.
Rather then an exact visual match of the sketch, there are small changes - little things that worked better with the 3d form for whatever reason. Or that I just found I didn't like as much about the sketch anymore.

Now he's off to be cast in resin. So I suppose Process Part 3 will be sanding and finishing the casts.


. c h o k l i t . said...

I'm sorry, all I can think of is that he looks like marzipan and I want to EAT him!

Nom nom nom...

Sarah Dungan said...

He will not taste delicious o__o

Tom Banwell said...

Very nice. Is that Super Sculpey?

Sarah Dungan said...

It is Super Sculpey. The grey 'firm' variety is a consistency I don't like as much, but I don't usually mind the creepy flesh color ;)