Thursday, April 2, 2009

Positively worn out

I meant to start the nautilus as a warm up for the cuttlefish that I have half done (I was feeling kind of 'out of the groove' as it were). Instead I just ended up with a finished nautilus. It did give me the courage to make some important corrections to the base of the cuttlefish though.
He needs a few little bits of touching up, which I can see now looking at the image but which weren't clear when I had been sitting eyeing him all day.

Today was a day of meetings, and I'm totally worn out from it. I did, however, find time to set up a fake murder scene on my front porch with some caution tape borrowed from my neighbors (they had loads of it for some reason, in fact when I asked to borrow the used bits they said very cheerfully 'do you need more? we have lots'). It did not fool my roommate who said upon returning home:
"What's up with the caution tape?"
To which I replied, "There's blood too!"
"You mean the red wine?"
"Well yes. And a murder weapon, did you see the murder weapon?"

At this point, our house guest, who was in fact nearly fooled, or at least concerned enough that she knocked rather then coming right in, pointed out the bloody finger prints on the railing and the knocked over recycling bin, and I felt rather proud of myself.
I did feel a little guilty later when, after posting photos was texted by a family member tell me it better damn well be a prank. I had really felt the lack of 'police line do not cross' on the tape would give it away.

Next time...process photos of sculpting.
For now: Murder on my front porch! (it did smell a bit strongly of wine...)


. c h o k l i t . said...

Erm, what exactly *is* that murder weapon...?

Sarah Dungan said...

Its the wrench 'key' that turns off the water main at the street.

Its been on the front porch since I uhm...broke the water main...with a shovel...last spring. >_>