Thursday, March 26, 2009

Process Part 1

I'm afraid I haven't had much to say. I haven't been working on anything crafty besides more crochet which I think everyone is rightly sick me posting about of even if it continues to be my own quiet little hobby obsession. What it comes down to is, I will probably go through a big crazy wave of making things all at once sometime in the next month and until then its all...well its all the first part of the process.

Sketching. Drawing. Plotting.

A friend recently mentioned to me how interesting he finds other peoples sketches, because it shows the creativity and thought behind things. I admit its my favorite part of the process, and I always over do it. I should also admit that I have a certain....lack of drive to continue the process after the sketching and the ideas that I tend to have to work to overcome. Somehow for me once the idea is arrived at I tend to feel satisfied enough that making the thing doesn't seem as important anymore. Which of course, isn't really a good way to go through life.

Some ideas arrive quickly and clearly and all at once, and I just do them. Or draw them or what have you. Sometimes just one sketch is enough, and I know its just right and what I wanted.
More often, things get sketched over and over. Often I end up sketching ideas for the same things in various different sketchbooks in various different places so I can't refer back to older sketches. Somehow this tends to help keep me from redrawing the same idea - as sometimes when you are sketching out a concept you can end up heading straight to refining one idea to quickly and don't explore as far as you could.

When I'm designing something for a piece of jewelry I tend to so a lot of trying to figure out the basic shape first. Figuring out how it will hang, attach, how the shape will work with gravity, things like that.

Here are the first sketches I did of the koi piece, and the eventual sculpture. The original idea of the single curve for the body and tail was replaced when it because clear it wouldn't hand nicely that way. The fins didn't become that prominent until I was actually sculpting, and found they added something nice to the shape that way.
I did a fair number of sketches trying to decide how the curve would work in the finished jewelry.

Sometimes, if I'm feeling insecure about a design, I do a group of 'final' reference drawings before I start the sculpt.

The sculptures I'm working on at the moment are done with this reference. I did a quick size reference of the already done octopus so the relation would be right. Notice the check marks and x's beside drawings and the random notes to myself. These drawings are done with more careful detail and real size, and meant to be an exact reference while I sculpt. I didn't bother with this step for the koi, and ended up making it larger then I'd sort of meant to. Since then I've tried to do scale references for everything.

I am afraid this might be a long jumble mostly incoherent post, but maybe its of some interest. Next time we'll do Part 2 and actually make something. I promise!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Tea cup glamour shot

My tea was just sitting there on my kitchen counter, in the evening sun, and I thought "hey I got a slick little camera for Christmas and I could take a snapshot". So I did, in appreciation of my new cup from
He's calling this new group 'Texture and Crawl" and its the most lovely cup to hold with its shiny slick textured surface. And you could get your very own, on Etsy. But you can't have mine.
Its full of tea made of Assam and blackberries, for the very curious.