Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy New Year

I feel as though I should have so much to show you, yet I don't. I've returned from weeks of holiday travels, to the realization that the crafty things I did for the holidays are unphotographed, and destined to remain so because they were all given as gifts. I invented a little round bird crochet pattern and everyone was showered with small squishy birds for the holidays - the pattern, and photos are destined for some other blog post when I have made one for myself and taken useful photos.

Otherwise most things have been on hold for the Holidays, and so the new jewelry sculpts and letterpress cards and crochet gear scarves will all be left for another blog day. So, the point of this post? A suggestion for a lovely celebration for the crafty and even the not so crafty types.

How to Hold a Zombie Tea Party (At Christmas or Otherwise):

What you will need:
A Zombie movie. Preferably one that is not to be taken to seriously, or one that is Classic. Very Serious Zombie Films are to heavy or tea party viewing.

A variety of teas of your choice, to be served in mugs or china cups as you please.

A good gingerbread recipe and the ingredients it requires (I recomment the Joy of Cooking version with just slightly more butter then it calls for)

A Gingerbread Man shaped cookie cutter, or a knife and a stencil, or simply a sure hand and creative mind. (I go for the cookie cutter, for speed and uniformity)

Icing in tube/tip applicators (home made if you are daring, bought at the store if you are me) - recommended colors - red, green, and white (Christmas AND Zombie colors...amazing)

What to do:

Invite your bohemian (or simply easy going) friends over for a tea time film.
I recommend preparing the dough for the gingerbread before your friends arrive, but rolling and cutting the cookies with their assistance. I say this because half the fun will be the 'edits' you make to your cookies pre-baking. You will be making ZOMBIE gingerbread men, not normal cheerful ones, so it pays to expose some bones or cut off some body parts here and there, for variety. You can have your friends cut out their own zombies if you like, so no one fights over the headless ones.
Once your cookies are all baked, give everyone a plate, set a cookie on it, and sit around a table, sharing your icing tubes and decorating your zombies. This is a jolly good time, full of laughs an inspired ideas. Screaming, blood, green rot, frothing at the mouth, and all variety of post mortum damage can be included (along with the classic sweater vests, buttons, and bow ties!).

Once all the decorating is done, you set out your tea pot, plate your zombie cookies, and settle down to bite the heads (and other limbs) off your zombies - while watching zombies bite the heads (and other limbs) off of people. Its very satisfying!

Although Gingerbread men are a classic for Christmas celebrations, Zombie Gingerbread Men break out of the holiday restrictions and may be enjoyed at any time of the year!