Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Something Completely Different

I always find myself posting here when I should be doing something else (in this case, printing cover letters, and label sticker things), but anyway...something entirely different. Crochet Cupcakes.

I made this set of four for a Steam Team friend as part of a trade (for wondrous eco-friendly cleaning products! You can check out more info on those at her Blog). They're for her daughter, and I really enjoy the idea that they'll be played with, and fed to teddy bears at tea parties.

They're fun to do, and invent a variety of toppings for. And this brings me to the sort of question of this blog post.

I don't feel particularly comfortable with the idea of selling them in my Etsy shop, because honestly there are about a million free cupcake crochet patterns out there and of course these are loosely based on one of them. And I don't really enjoy the process so much that I want to make a million of them.

But they're just such a happy little thing. Everyone likes cupcakes. I've been pondering a solution to bring happy to the world without simply making and selling them.

So here are my solutions up for consideration, anyone should feel free to comment on them or add suggestions!

First: Offer the pattern for free here. Its a fairly simple pattern, with a few vaguely complicated bits that I still need to fine tune, but really anyone could make a crochet cupcake (assume you know how to crochet hehe)

Second: Offer 'pay it forward' cupcakes now and then in my shop. Pay it forward is the idea that you give someone something for free more or less, and then they do the same for someone else. So for the listing fee and shipping, you would get a cupcake.

Third: Charity cupcakes. Sold now and again with the small proceeds going to a charity of one sort or another. Probably my own local animal shelter or soup kitchen.

Things to consider.


TotusMel said...

You could also have weekly or monthly blog comment contests to win said cupcakes goodies thus sharing without listing at all. Might even have the benefit of more blog traffic...who knows?

Anne Turner said...

ok.. these remind me of a friend who found out she had breast cancer. Thought she was gonna have a mastectomy but didn't..anyway. She made a ton of similar looking things she called boobs.. :)
Cracked me up!