Friday, August 15, 2008

Madcap schemes

I lately haven't felt like I have much to talk about. But just now, in the midst of making another long list of thing on the back of an envelope (I like using envelopes for lists, they are long, they come every day in piles in my mailbox for free, and they're always on my desk) I thought of something to ramble on about, at least for a few paragraphs while I drink my tea before I go to the bank/post office/used book store (hey, its on the way).

Anyone who knows me for more then a few months learns, that I am a sucker for new ideas and schemes. I'm always coming up with something else I'd like to make or do. Were I to write all my project ideas down on a sheet of paper (I do this regularly in small amounts) I could probably easily plan out all my time in creating things for the next few years. I've only recently learned to remind myself that making things actually takes time - I've never been good at time (always late, always saying I can do more in a day then is possible). And I can never wait until I've complete a project before planning the next. Actually I can rarely wait until I start the last project before planning the next.
I have an actual list - tucked into a sketchbook - of things I would LIKE to do. My real to do list doesn't even GET to them because of the things I should do, have to do, get paid to do, have deadlines for, etc.

And I don't really think this is a bad thing. I suspect it frustrates people, I will show a design, be very excited about an idea or plan, and tell people about it, and then not actually do it in any decent amount of time. But all this plotting serves the important purpose of keeping me enthusiastic about life. I thrive on the energy of planning and designing, and that gets me through the actual process of making things which I often fine it hard to stick with. And it gets me through less then amazing jobs that pay the bills but don't necessary inspire a lot of excitement. I just really like having something to be excited about ALL THE TIME. As often as possible, every waking moment.

So, when I start posting designs and concepts here, and pay off never comes, I apologize in advance, just you know - smile and nod and try not to make fun of me.

As a friend once told me "You wouldn't be happy if you didn't have at least your next 10 projects planned."

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Halo Hill said...

I totally understand. Love your blog and your jewelry!