Saturday, August 2, 2008

Building Tiny Robot - Part 2

I should have known better then to say 'over the course of the next week'. Although to be fair I did, actually, do everything pictured here that week, as since then I've been really very busy.

At any rate, here are the basic pieces of the Tiny Robot. Cut brass tubing, and thin sheeted walnut, a watchmakers vial and a few itty bitty gears, I haven't decided which gears to use yet.

The pieces go together like this to form the body of the robot. (Excuse the blurry photo, its hard to hold pieces together with one hand and the SLR with the other and keep both steady as it turns out). The gears and some copper wire will decorate the interior, once everything is positioned and adhered together. As you can see everything needs more sanding at this point, and I'll eventually finish the wood with something, possibly olive oil (although I would apply oil after anything requiring epoxy glue has been already glued). I'm also pondering ways to darken the interior of the brass tube, to show off the vial and gears better.

Bet you were wondering what was going to go inside that vial, weren't you. A squid. A very small one. In order to allow him to squish a bit to fit tightly into the vial, I made the squid out of a questionable substance called "Bake and Bend" by sculpy. I original bought the stuff with an eye for stop motion animation, and used it only once - to make entry wounds for bullet holes (for which I must say, it worked alright in a pinch, but is a little to non-pliable for).

Bake and Bend bakes to a sort of slightly bendable rubbery substance. It also has a curiously chemical smell, and has been doing odd things to the dye on its plastic wrappers in the year its been sitting in a drawer. Its also annoyingly soft and I refrigerated it for a day before sculpting with it, because at this scale, I kept accidentally squishing my work!
He'll be shaded with some acrylic paint, before going into his vial for good.

The head of the robot had been left for later, because how its build really has a great deal to do with how the light bulb on top is lit. And so far, electricity confuses the daylights out of me. But I absolutely refuse to go to all this trouble and NOT have the little guy light up! In part 3, I've no idea what will happen, but probably...electricity. And hopefully very few fires or explosions...

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Wenchie said...

I can't wait to see it when it's done ...for the light bulb the easiest way to go would be to scavenge an LED light from from a cheap raver toy or a light up key chain.