Sunday, July 13, 2008

Just barely once a week

I've been at a loss, lately, for useful things to say. Its been enough trouble just keeping all the things I'm supposed to make and do straight in my head, pondering deep philosophical art thoughts really hasn't been happening. So this is an update really only to cover two things.

First, Totusmel informed me recently that she was passing the arte y pico award on to me. Which is far to nice of her. And I don't really have anyone to pass it on too, so I'll just say thank you and mention the award here, so that if anyone wants to hand them out to some blogs, you can. Since Totusmel may well be to blame for me starting to say more then just "I made this have a picture" here, I'm pretty honored that she enjoys my ramblings enough to offer me an award.

Second, this week I'll be making something crazy and new, and you'll get to come along with me on the journey. Including, unless I feel particularly self conscious, all of my stupid mistakes!
I will be making this:It may, or may not, light up, depending on how smart I feel, and how easily (to be read - without driving/buying gas) the parts I would need can be obtained. But it will, rest assured, contain a squid regardless. I haven't done mixed media sculpture in a good long while, so expect false starts and complaints and other such excitement along the way.

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. c h o k l i t . said...

Oooooh... I looove me some squids! Can't wait to see this one manifest - the sketch intrigues me.