Thursday, May 29, 2008

The necessary introductory post

I hate the first post in an empty blog. But there's an order to these things, and to just start posting as if this blog had been here forever and I was just continuing on would throw the universe out of alignment and threaten the very fabric on the inter-webs. So here is the obligatory statement of purpose.

I've been blogging for awhile in the grand tradition of the 'sketch blog' over at - but I never say much, just throw up art and run. Now that I've started my adventure, I wanted to have a separate space to blog about that, and about craft projects in general - the sort that have nothing to do with the sketches and illustrations that go up on my other blog space. And here it is! New work, new projects, design sketches, long rambling process discussions, and other related thing will all appear here now and again.

And so, to wrap up, here are some shout outs to other blogs that I enjoy.

The Etsy Steam Team blog - cheating, because I'm on the team, and I contribute but that's no reason not to post it!

Taueret's Weaving Blog - Lovely weaver on etsy, with a nice blog with insight and book reviews among other things.

Wunderkammer - Craft blog with some really fabulous crochet work and a few little free patterns.

Moon's Creations - crochet artist I met helping put together a charity auction on Deviantart. Lots of cute little critters.